Hacker on Russia EU 2

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To give some context, this guy has done several shady actions throughout my time playing on the server that indicate that he is wallhacking. Not to mention his profile is filled with comments on him being a hacker. I should also mention that this guy has a group of friends that possibly hacks aswell. The most notable use of wallhack is near the end of the video.

As seen in the footage im killing this mega zombie while my friend is watching out for players, my friend gets killed outside the tunnel while i am inside (there is no way he knows that i am inside the tunnel) so i decide to run and hide inside the tunnel. This guy then creeps up and guns me down behind the exact rock i was hiding behind. Me and my friend then respawns and we decide to sandwich him. My friend gets killed and i decide to run up and gun down on him from behind. again there is no way he could possibly know or see me right after is respawned. And when i flank him as soon as i was peaking he was already aiming on top of the hill where i was coming from. I even state right before as i engage "If this guys know im on this hill, he is wallhacking guaranteed".

This is his steamprofile https://steamcommunity.com/id/cahdy_mod/
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Banned, thanks for reporting.
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